Is Mediation Right for You?

If you answer yes to the following questions, then mediation can help you resolve your dispute:

  1. Mediation is only successful when each party is willing to resolve their issue(s). Are you willing to engage in a facilitated, constructive, non-adversarial problem solving negotiation with the other party?
  2. Both parties must be equally informed about the mediation process. Do you have contact information for the other parties?
  3. Mediation is an opportunity to get creative about solutions that meet each party’s interests. Are you willing to consider solutions other than the one that is now in conflict?
  4. The mediation process is more informal than arbitration or court processes and the scope of discussion can be varied. This allows people to discover underlying interests they may have in common, and move beyond narrow polarized positions in a face-saving way. It can result in creative and flexible solutions. Is an informal meeting process right for your needs?
  5. Mediation is often cheaper than court appearances. Disputes can be resolved in less time. Do you want to resolve your issue quickly?
  6. The mediation process gives you control over the outcome of your dispute—mediators will help you communicate in different ways than you have. Are you open to new possibilities for resolutions to your dispute?
  7. You need time to prepare and get clarification about your interests. We will need to have at least one in-depth conversation with you about your conflict before the mediation meeting. You need to be open to hearing, understanding and considering the other person’s point of view and interests. Are you prepared to approach the mediation with an open mind?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, and want to open a mediation case, please click here.

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