Mediation Services

Conflict Resolution Consultation

Any party can call our office at (805) 349-8943 or (805) 963-6765 for free Negotiation Coaching, Listening and Information and Referral.

Community Mediation

Scheduled at your convenience, our mediators help Santa Barbara County residents resolve a wide range of disputes, including: family, landlord/tenant, roommates, neighborhood, business, consumer/merchant, homeowner association, real estate, construction, and more.

“Community mediation assists and empowers individuals and organizations to engage, transform, and resolve conflicts through the use of collaborative, constructive processes. Community mediation helps you get heard, get healed, and get back to your life!”

Parent/Teen Mediation

An effective way to clarify the needs of both parents and teens. In two sessions, mediators meet with parent and teen to: identify issues needing attention and agreement; communicate clearly each person’s needs and issues; and resolve any misunderstandings or disputes that are causing tension and lack of harmony within the family.

Small Claims Court Mediation

Mediation services available to all Small Claims court parties, either on-site in the courthouse on the day of trial, or in our offices prior to the court date.

Small Claims Court Videos

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