We envision widespread and ever-increasing acceptance of non-adversarial methods of conflict resolution, creative group problem solving processes, and community building. Conflict Solutions Center will be known in the community as a leader in promoting collaborative and “restorative” processes in our mediation services and our training programs.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to the development of community-based, non-adversarial responses to conflict and differences that strengthen social harmony and support individual healing.

We serve the communities of Santa Barbara County by providing: compassionate communication, appropriate dispute resolution and problem solving practices, Restorative Justice, consultation, training, and mediation services.


As diversity and differences increase in the U.S., the opportunities for conflicts and disputes will increase concomitantly. A recent survey stated that 82% of Americans would prefer to go to a mediator rather than go to court. Mediation has the potential for transforming our conflictual society into a collaborative, problem-solving one.

Community mediation truly has its roots in the tradition of democratic self-governance. Community mediation programs have the potential of empowering citizens to effectively operate in a democracy. Programs and mediators teach citizens to resolve their disputes through participation. The mediation process is progressive and creative with the potential of opening doors and opening dialog. This often results in greater understanding and finding common ground.

Conflict Solutions Center