Restorative Justice History

Our RJ Pilot Project in SB based on nationwide VORP (Victim/Offender Reconciliation Project) with referrals from SB County Probation.

CSC sponsors RJ Training in Family Group Conferencing (FGC) with Allan McRae of New Zealand.

Part of New Vistas/Probation contract in SB, providing RJ FGCs for teen clients referred by probation officers.

Provided FGCs, Victim/Offender mediations, in North County; funded by California Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act.

Co-chaired the creation of North County Restorative Justice Task Force, and sponsored the 1st RJ Symposium.

2nd RJ Symposium in Santa Maria, focused on Restorative Justice practices in schools. Provided RJ training and technical assistance at FitzGerald School in Santa Maria.

3rd RJ Symposium in Santa Maria

South County RJ Task Force organized in Santa Barbara. County-wide RJ Symposium. More FGC training with Allan MacRae of New Zealand; trainees include sheriffs and county mental health staff. Co-sponsored with Co. Sheriff’s Office another FGC training with Allan MacRae of New Zealand; trainees include sheriff’s deputies, county mental health staff, Probation staff and CSC staff. 

Lompoc RJ Task Force begins to organize. Stakeholders trained for the launch of Restorative Justice Partnership Initiative (RJPI), serving juvenile offenders and their victims.

Began implementation of RJPI, receiving referrals of cases by Lompoc Police Department and SB County Sheriffs Department.

RJ becomes a main theme of City of Santa Maria’s “Future Search: Collaboration on Youth Violence” conference. Workgroup merges with local RJ Task Force. RJ referrals start coming from Probation Dept.

October 2010
Met with District Attorney’s office staff, law enforcement and Probation to discuss starting to refer felony property crimes with victims. Given the “go-ahead” to develop guidelines for felony referrals.

Developed and implemented new RJ interactive training program combining Help Increase the Peace (HIP) Program and Victim Impact Panel program (VIP).  Began offering HIP/VIP to juveniles referred by Probation.

Started meeting with representatives from the District Attorney’s office, the Public Defender’s office and Probation Dept. to develop formal “Guidelines for RJ Referrals from Juvenile Court” which will include felony referrals with victims. 

June 2013
Finalized “Guidelines for RJ Referrals from Juvenile Court” with signatures of Joyce Dudley, RaiMundo Montes de Oca, and CSC Director.

Worked with Sheriff’s Dept. to develop a Memorandum of Understanding for use of CSC’s Restorative Justice services.  Approved by the County Board of Supervisors on June 17, 2014.

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