Training Overview

Conflict Solutions Center (CSC) presents conflict resolution training workshops for individuals and organizations of all backgrounds. As a leader in the conflict resolution and Restorative Justice field in Santa Barbara County for 20 years, we provide theoretical and practical information in a hands-on learning environment. Our courses help people build skills to improve communication, manage and resolve conflict, negotiate win-win solutions, and facilitate conflict resolution processes. CSC’s Mediation model is different from others in that equal emphasis is placed on providing opportunities for parties to heal or reconcile their relationship as is on facilitating a negotiated agreement to their conflict. This is important because when people can reconcile their relationships, their willingness and interests in exploring mutually beneficial ways of solving problems between them increases exponentially, and agreements are kept at a much higher rate. This increased understanding and empathy for the other contributes to building stronger communities.  If this is of interest to you in your work, your family and your life, this trainings is for you!

CSC provides a variety of skills training courses throughout the year. Below is a list of both our current course offerings, as well as classes that may be offered later in the year.


Currently Offered Courses


The two courses take place in two different locations:
6 Saturdays divided between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara.
(Practicum Internships available if both courses are taken.)

Saturdays: April 13, 20, 27, & May 4, 2019
10:00 am — 5:00 pm

You will learn:

  • the elements of conflict and your conflict style
  • how to speak to reduce defensiveness & listen for underlying needs
        (nonviolent communication basics)
  • how to negotiate collaboratively
  • the difference between positions and needs/interests


Saturdays: May 11 & 19, 2019
10:00 am — 5:00 pm

You will learn:

  • The theoretical foundation of transformational mediation
  • How to utilize skills from Course #1 in a mediation framework
  • How to break down conflicts into resolvable pieces
  • How to facilitate a mediation process that offers opportunities to parties to understand each other differently and potentially heal relationship.


If you are interested in being a volunteer mediator, in Small Claims Court, for neighborhood, parent/teen, or business disputes, OR you are interested in Restorative Justice and becoming a mediator for victim/offender mediations or Restorative Circle Conferences OR you want to improve your own abilities to communicate, negotiate and resolve conflicts more effectively, THESE TWO COURSES ARE FOR YOU.

Practicum Internships available if both courses are taken.

Check out our registration discounts!
- Enroll in Course #1 only for a registration fee of $350. Fee is $250 if before Mar. 13
- Enroll in both courses for a registration fee of $425 before Mar. 13.
- Registration fee for both courses is $525 if registering after Mar. 13. 
- Registrations due by Mar. 31. 


Partial scholarships available for students & nonprofit service providers.
Please contact Tony or Maria in Santa Maria or Sherrill in Santa Barbara for qualification information.

Please note: We reserve the right to cancel an event 48 hours prior if our minimum number of paid registrations has not been met. If an event is canceled you will receive both phone and email notification. You will have the choice of receiving a credit or refund for any payment received.

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Training Course Testimonials

"This class isn’t just for the individual that wants to do this as a career. This class is key for personal growth, peace within oneself, one’s family and any aspect of one’s life."
        - Retired Business Person/Student

"As someone who has been a trained mediator for over 10 years in my current profession, I’ve attended multiple mediation training sessions. This has been by far the best and most useful training!! I have already used skills and information learned to serve my customers, even outside the mediation process."
        - Mediator

"This experience has been transformative for me. Probably the most valuable, enriching learning experience I’ve ever had."
        - Teacher

"This course was better than I expected and have found what I learned to be useful for everyday life."
        - Local Attorney

" …a convincing approach to the fundamentals of facilitative mediation. I learned more in a 6-day program at CSC than I have in any university course."
        - Former Criminal Defense Attorney ·

"Kimberly was open, authentic and exemplified the attitude that needs to be brought to the process of mediating by the way she dealt with the variety of personalities in our course. I left feeling uplifted and more enlightened!"
        - Counselor

"The interaction of a community of others who are postively fostering peace and communication was a treasure."
        - Retired

"This training was excellent! It challenged me professionally and personally to look at conflict situations with a whole new perspective, giving me skills that will allow me to mediate conflict with empathy and skills to help others reconnect and resolve issues."
        - Counselor at California Men’s Colony


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